• Level Up Your Campsite Cooking

    CMC Press is thrilled to announce Wild Eats, a new cookbook for outdoor adventuring. Enjoy a sample “how-to” chapter here!
  • A Walk through Colorado National Monument

    In Guide to Western National Monuments, the forthcoming guidebook from CMC Press, readers can learn about iconic landmarks like these, how to get the most out of your visit, and best practices for visiting protected areas. 


  • Lessons in Resiliency from the Mountains

    The Bark of the Cony is the story—told by George Nash Smith—of the journey he and his four young sons took to summit all of the 14,000-foot peaks in the continental 48 states. Chronicling the philosophy he developed along the way to adulthood, "Not if, but how," Smith imparts lessons of resiliency and fortitude to his sons and inspires readers, too.
  • Genesee Mountain Park: Denver's Birding Treasure

    Home to ponderosa, Douglas fir, and lodgepole pines, Genesee Mountain Park is a haven to birds and a hot spot for hopeful watchers to spot a range of feathered friends from mountain chickadee to western tanager. Due to it's proximity to Denver, the area is a local favorite for escaping the city during the week and observing some of Colorado's more colorful residents. 
  • Three Apostles: In the Midst of Giants

    The Three Apostles rise from the Collegiate Peak wilderness, an iconic and legendary formation of 13,000 foot peaks known as North Apostle, Ice Mountain, and West Apostle. Although these peaks are considered a technical climb and should be done with proper gear and experience, the Three Apostles Basin Trail offers an up-close view of these stunning giants, allowing hikers to sit at the feet of these magnificent peaks.
  • CMC Holiday Gift Guide

    We've complied a list of the best gifts from our favorite collections to make the decision on what to get for everyone a little easier this holiday season, all while supporting a local non-profit! 
  • Backcountry Gems: Seven Utes Mountain & Mount Mahler

    In the newly released title from CMC, Ski Touring Routes: Colorado's Front Range, readers are given regional maps, insider tips, and detailed directions on how to get there and what to expect from backcountry terrain across the Rockies. With a whole winter ahead, there's plenty of time to get as many vertical feet in as possible. 
  • Step into Joshua Tree

    In the new 25th Anniversary edition of 140 Great Hikes in and near Palm Springs, Philip Ferranti offers his notable wit and expertise in a regional guide through these diverse landscapes. 

    Here is a complimentary chapter featuring the iconic Joshua Tree National Park.

  • The Great American Outdoors Act

    WASHINGTON - President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law in August, allocating $900 million to the Land and Water Conservation Fund and $9.5 billion to the maintenance and restoration of public lands. 

  • A Few Words with CMC Instructor Jeff Speake

    Jeff Speake has been an active member of the Colorado Mountain Club for 12 years. After years of avid beach trips and scuba diving, he changed course for the mountains. 
  • A 100th Fourteener to Share

    Clouds rolled in suddenly, rain and hail pelting his back as he continued higher. Six inches of snow fluttered down, painting the Barr Trail in white, uncommon for the late summer months.
  • Member Stories: Laura Slivinksi

    Vertical spires of rock arched from the ground and into the sky. Laura Slivinski balanced on the two foot sidewalk formed by the ridge. She could see blue lakes spread across the landscape far below. It was like walking on a rope made of stone.