• Level Up Your Campsite Cooking

    CMC Press is thrilled to announce Wild Eats, a new cookbook for outdoor adventuring. Enjoy a sample “how-to” chapter here!
  • Genesee Mountain Park: Denver's Birding Treasure

    Home to ponderosa, Douglas fir, and lodgepole pines, Genesee Mountain Park is a haven to birds and a hot spot for hopeful watchers to spot a range of feathered friends from mountain chickadee to western tanager. Due to it's proximity to Denver, the area is a local favorite for escaping the city during the week and observing some of Colorado's more colorful residents. 
  • Three Apostles: In the Midst of Giants

    The Three Apostles rise from the Collegiate Peak wilderness, an iconic and legendary formation of 13,000 foot peaks known as North Apostle, Ice Mountain, and West Apostle. Although these peaks are considered a technical climb and should be done with proper gear and experience, the Three Apostles Basin Trail offers an up-close view of these stunning giants, allowing hikers to sit at the feet of these magnificent peaks.
  • Longs Peak, The Monarch of the Rockies

    Longs Peak towers over the landscape as the only 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park. Its vertical rock faces are covered with ice and snow for nine months out of the year, leaving only a small window for hikers without mountaineering experience to reach the summit.
  • Safer at Home and in the Vast Great Outdoors

    DENVER - The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced Level 2 Phase of Reopening: Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors on June 1, allowing residents to venture back into the mountains. 

  • Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

    Enjoy this free teaser from the bestselling CMC Press title, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers. The pack guide organized by color and plant family and features over 180 of Colorado’s most common wildflowers. This fully revised second edition makes flower identification easy.