The Best Denver Hikes

The Best Denver Hikes

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By the CMC Denver Group, with Bob Dawson

  • Thirty of the best Denver hikes—from city walks, to state park hikes, to difficult mountain treks—all within a hour of town
  • A wide variety of routes from wheelchair accessible to “Are you serious?” mountain trails
  • Trailhead locations, accurate route descriptions, color photos and maps of the route

Denver sits next to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and some of the best hiking and snowshoeing in the world. Denver also has one of the finest urban trail systems in the country, much like many towns in Europe, with urban and mountain trail systems.

Start downtown with an excellent loop around some city highlights, a route that is also wheelchair accessible, next head for a fine stroll along historic Highline Canal, or venture into numerous state parks in the Denver area to enjoy a bit more solitude. Take a slightly longer drive up into the Front Range and enjoy beautiful hikes along good paths while enjoying the native plants and animals. And when you are experienced enough and up for an adventure, tackle some of the finest treks up nearby mountains in the Front Range.

The Best Denver Hikes covers all levels of trails and includes tips for enjoying Denver-area trails all year long.